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What We Can Do For You

At MJ Aerospace, we can complete a number of critical elements that make up CMM programming. From independent validation to program optimisation, we can ensure that all of your new and existing products are measured precisely. 

Validation is an essential part of the quality control process now and we can provide a completely independent service to verify your products and processes. You can be 100% certain that everything measured will be totally accurate.

Some companies require assistance with a specific function such as a PPAP. Alternatively, you may require support with strategy and a full turnkey service. There are a whole host of different methods, programmes and standards but we are experts in the CMM process and we will be able to help you whatever your needs and your circumstances.






Offline/Online CMM Programming

  • NPI (New Product Introduction) including validation and gauge R&R
  • First or last article inspection reports to AS9102 (FAIR or LAIR) (including VisualFair)
  • Program optimization
  • Independent Validation or Verification
  • Production Part Approval Process (PAPP)

 cmm programming  in UK and Europe

 cmm programming  in UK and Europe

 cmm programming  in UK and Europe


We write programs in Mitutoyo Cosmos, PC-DMIS and Modus and we can do this on site or off site. We have written hundreds of programs and we work efficiently to create programs that are reliable and precise for a number of clients in different industries such as aerospace, automotive, military and healthcare.




Professional CMM Programming And Quality Support For Specialist Industries

Experienced with advanced measurement of aircraft & automotive parts in various materials plastics, carbon fibre,
castings & forgings, machined parts fabricated assembles.






Development of Measurement and Quality Strategies

  • Introduction of measurement techniques
  • Standardization of CMM programming (templates, program structure & content)

It is critical that there are no errors at every stage of the manufacture. Our measurement and quality strategies will ensure that all of the products we work on are measured and appraised perfectly, even for those soft products which can be susceptible such as elastomer and rubber.

Whether you have drawings or CAD files, our expert techniques mean that we can precisely measure any item however small. We can also standardize all CMM programming, so that everything will always be accurate to the tiniest detail.




Find Out More About MJ Aerospace And Our CMM Programming And Quality Support Services.

Onsite CMM, Inspection and Quality Support

  • Inspection support
  • FAIR support
  • Quality Engineering Support

If you require expert CMM support to assist your operations, we can provide a number of quality and inspection services. Our quality engineers can run PPAPs, gauge R&R and program CMM. If you are looking to develop a new product, we can run sample batches and examine quality issues, identify failures and the reasons for these failures.

At MJ Aerospace, we can fulfil both the quality engineer function and the CMM function. We are not just application engineers who can write programs. We have extensive experience in quality inspection so we can develop the quality of products and we can see the effects of parts when they are being machined and processed.

The quality engineer role is a large expansive one, but whatever you need, you can be sure that our engineers will add real value to your operations.